Transport to Campsfield demos

Campsfield detention centre is just a few miles north of Oxford. There are regular demos there on the last Saturday of each month, and people often travel there to visit detainees. Since we often have to explain to people how to get there from Oxford, it makes sense to gather this info together here.

This page assumes you are going to Campsfield for one of the Saturday demos - ie aiming to arrive around 12pm and leaving after 2pm. If you need info about buses on weekdays or Sundays try Oxford Bus Company or Stagecoach.

The info on this page was last checked or updated 21/08/10.

Location / Map

Campsfield is here.


Takes 30m-50m depending on how fast you are. See map above. Just go north along Banbury Rd, through Summertown, over the ring road, through Kidlington. On the far side of Kidlington, just after the bridge over the railway and the bridge over the canal, the left turn at the traffic lights is Langford Lane (probably signposted to Oxford Airport). Follow that until you see the left turn signposted for Campsfield.

If you want to cycle with others, there's usually a group of cyclists leaving together at 11am from Martyr's Memorial at the bottom of St Giles.


There are basically two types of buses to Kidlington. The ones that go all the way to the Airport (very near Campsfield), and the ones that just go to Kidlington town centre (20-30m walk away from Campsfield). At weekends the airport buses are rarer. All buses leave from outside Debenhams, Magdalen St, at the bottom of St Giles near where the cyclists meet.

Stagecoach bus 59 leaves 11:15am, gets to Oxford Airport 11:37am. Another leaves 12:15 and arrives 12:37 (by which time you'd be running late).
Return buses: 1348 from main road, or 1438 from Oxford Airport.

At weekends, Oxford Bus Company buses (2/2A/2B) only run to Kidlington town centre, but they do go every 5min. So if you miss the Stagecoach 1115 bus it might make more sense to get one of these and then walk from Kidlington; up to you.

If you can get there by bus, it's quite possible someone will be able to give you a lift back to Oxford.


Pretty much the same route as for cycling. See map above.


Folks from Close Campsfield Campaign are often willing to co-ordinate this, so if you want or can offer a lift, contact or ring Bill on 01865 558145.

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